Technical Manual

Interpretive Manual

Researcher's Package includes 25 TEST booklets and one complimentary Scoring Booklet

Clinician's Package contains 25 combined packets

Introductory Package
Clinician's Package

Introductory Package includes 10 combined packets, 10 interpretive guides, 1 technical manual, and 1 interpretive manual

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The BASIS-A Inventory has been updated for the first time in 17 years. The format now includes 2 booklets, a Test Booklet (contains the test items) and a Scoring Booklet (contains the instructions and structure for scoring the items). Having two separate booklets will make it easier for clinicians and researchers to utilize in a number of settings.

In the options below, a "combined packet" means both a Test Booklet and a Scoring Booklet as one total unit.

The BASIS-A Inventory is available for use by those individuals familiar with Adlerian theory, research, and practice.

   The initial purchase MUST include at least one copy of both the Interpretive Manual and the Technical Manual.

Sample package

BASIS-A Inventory

Interpretive Manual

Technical Manual

Interpretive Guides

Interpretive Guides will be sold in packages of 25 for $35.00 OR as a PDF download file (with permission for unlimited copy/print) for $50.00

Researcher's Package

Sample Package includes 10 Test Booklets and 10 Scoring Booklets